We Are Driven

Our company serves a significant purpose to advanced manufacturers and distributors in Western North Carolina. We take our social and commercial responsibilities very seriously and deliver unparalleled performance every day. That is the foundation of our competitive advantage.

We also invest in bold innovation. Client needs are guided by progressing technology and evolving points of view. Disciplined strategy keeps us at the forefront of logical problem solving.

  • We understand how efficiency influences the bottom line.

  • We appreciate the importance of accuracy and reliability.

  • We deliver fair and practical answers to every urgent need.

  • We win the day by choosing the best people for the job.

We Are Inspired

Many of our clients are enthusiastic about SSIS hiring U.S. military veterans and those seeking a second chance. They understand and appreciate persistence and solidarity. Community partners such as FIRST at Blue Ridge and Goodwill make it possible for us to coordinate structured job training, placement, and orientation to provide opportunities for those that may not otherwise have them.